Political correctness started as something of value.
It sensitized some areas of life that need to be addressed. PC also raised standards and helped protect members of society from ignorant and vile attacks. It came at a time when it was truly needed and has served a worthwhile and honorable purpose.
But for the most part, those days are gone.
What we have now is a distorted and politicized PC that is run by Fascist Mobs pushing agendas bent on showing their power and in many cases looking for monetary gains.
All of this noise over renaming the Washington Redskins is just the latest example.
The name was never chosen to offend. No pro or college team would choose a name that would bring dishonor and disrespect.
If today’s PC Police want to go after such issues … what about the NAACP?
Does anyone not know that it stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People?
No one uses that term anymore but when the NAACP was founded in 1909, that name was common … yet, it obviously was not made a crucial part of the name to offend.
All of this just shows how out of touch PC has become.
What’s next?
You can’t name teams the Cardinals, Penguins or Ducks???