That’s the quote from President Obama regarding his frustration at the “glitches’ that plague his Obamacare enrollment rollout.
I do think there are those who are more angry than the President, and based on a report from CNN …it’s not just those originally against Obamacare or the rush to move forward despite the “glitches”.
CNN had a report featuring a series of Americans who finally got into the exchanges and didn’t like what they saw.
They are going to pay more, and they are not likely to keep their doctors.
One who was so excited about the program expressed total disappointment with the cost of what she thought was going to be exactly as the President promised; now, she knows, it is going to cost more.
Meanwhile, even Jon Stewart … a staunch Obama ally is poking fun at the “glitches” … pointing out … Americans can’t even sign on to the system and that is step one.
Also, there’s a report that more than 5 million lines of “code” have to be corrected for the system to even start to work properly.
And if all this isn’t enough … between the glitches, the costs, ramming it down Americans’ throats, falling way short of the promises … there’s that issue that this project was farmed out to a Canadian company on a no bid contract?
We don’t have American companies capable of doing this project?
Well, as I said, there are many who are as angry or more so .. than President Obama.