That question was asked of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid by a CNN reporter.
It is a strong question, and Reid was clearly not prepared with an answer.

Reid was blaming Republicans for the National Institutes of Health turning away cancer patients, but when asked, why the Democratic controlled Senate wouldn’t try to help “one child who has cancer” by approving a mini-spending bill .. Reid answered:
“Why would we want to do that?”


Can you imagine the fall out if a Republican had offered such an answer?

Reid went on to say, “I have 1,110 people at Nellis Air Force Base that are sitting home. They have a few problems of their own.”
I’m sure they are suffering, but how would their situation compare to a child with cancer?

Of course, Republicans did respond with an email: How out of touch and heartless can Senate Democrats be?’

Reid responded with a Tweet: “Republicans are in such desperate straits that they have literally resorted to accusing me of not caring about kids with cancer. Shameful.”

By the way, later CNN gave Reid a special interview; that was so he could “explain” what he meant by that callous answer. He said, “You know that I’m not known for being real articulate.”


He also argued that Republicans are trying to “pick and choose” what parts of government to keep open. That kind of reminds me of how the White House is picking and choosing which parts of the Obamacare bill to enforce at this time … by giving businesses a delay on regulations but not individuals … and exemptions/subsidies for some federal employees.

Look, it all makes great political theatre … for both sides.

The sad fact is … all of this represents the state of our Nation at this chapter in our history, and it could be titled: The Not-so-good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly.