There should be no surprise with this story … but I think many just haven’t grasped how the human tsunami of illegal child immigrants at our borders … could or would affect them in the St. Louis area. Well, you are about to find out. Mayor Slay is asking for federal grant money to house illegal children in this area and also asking various social agencies to step up to help. I know Mayor Slay’s heart is in the right place, but this is the wrong decision for St. Louis and for the children who entered our country illegally. Beginning at 9PM on LARRY CONNERS USA … we’ll examine this issue, and the phone lines will be open for you to respond with your thoughts. It will be a Friday Free-For-All. Keep these phone numbers handy:  314-969-KTRS (5877)  OR  Toll Free  888-550-KTRS (5877). You can also text your comments to:  84 126 Listen to KTRS (550) or hear live streaming on the internet at … or use the free KTRS phone app. Last night’s program was only 2 hours due to a Memphis Redbird’s game, but the shows can be heard below.