First, let me thank  all of you for your continued, loyal support.

You’ve been there for me and my family since the day that KMOV General Manager Mark Pimentel fired me.

Remember, supposedly, I was fired for a Facebook posting I made regarding the IRS;  Pimentel said that I had damaged my credibility with the audience … even though he admitted that 90% of the public response supported me.

Of course, now, I am the Host / Exec Producer of my own radio show :  LARRY CONNERS USA … airing Mon-Friday from 9-Midnight on KTRS (550).

I really enjoy this new chapter in my life as I can say what I want without corporate censorship.

It’s truly liberating because for more than 50 years as a news anchor / reporter, I’ve walked the line to make sure every side gets fair treatment; I still make sure that happens, but now I can … and I certainly do express my opinions.

Many are asking: do I plan to return to television?

I do have plans to go back on tv in some capacity, but not as an anchor; I don’t want to give up my “new” freedom of speech, so I would return to do commentary and similar work … at the right time and for the right opportunity.

Regarding my past employer, there are still various legal actions underway as my previous bosses prefer to spend money battling me … instead of finding a resolution.

That attitude says everything.

I still have a lot of friends at Channel 4 and wish them the best.

Who knows … at some point … with new management, I might be asked to rejoin them.

I’m not holding my breath, but miracles do happen.

If so — in the future, you will be able to hear my program on KTRS … and also see me back on your television.

In the meantime, my special thanks to all my sponsors:  John Beal Roofing, E3 Consultants, Vincent’s Jewelers, Ultimate Defense Range, Doc’s Harley Davidson, Inman Air, St. Louis Rhino Shield, Supreme Nicotine and Programmer Resources International.

I thank you in advance for supporting these sponsors and those who will be joining me.

Remember, you can hear LARRY CONNERS USA … on KTRS (550), or on the internet via streaming audio or the free KTRS app for your phone.

Below you will find last night’s programs — and a program note:  we will not be on the air until the 10PM hour tonight after the Memphis Redbirds game.