The Central Intelligence Agency ..  the CIA …. supposedly the worlds’ best spy agency. Supposedly.

There is evidence that the CIA was being run … is being run … like a B-grade movie, featuring Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the Pink Panther.  Actually, Clouseau showed some intelligence.

The CIA Director had been telling Senators: We are not spying on you.   Believe us … we are not.  We are the CIA.

That sounds like poker players I know … I’m not bluffing … truly, truly, truly. They lie … but at least the stakes are not as high as when the lies involve the CIA.

Beginning at 9pm on LARRY CONNERS USA … we will examine that story.

Also, more lies being uncovered … about the health of those 60,000 illegal child immigrants … in our country and with the help of our government … being spread all over the nation.

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