Here’s something that I never thought I would hear.

Fox News Contributor Charles Krauthammer says .. he is willing to legalize 11 milion illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. — but in exchange, he wants to increase security along the border .. even build a fence.

Krauthammer is a staunch Conservative and explains when it comes to granting amnesty, “the difference is not in the lives of these 11 million .. but the effect it has on the next 11 million who are waiting in Central America and Mexico for a signal”.

He added, “We know the signals and how they are received in Central America … if you convince Americans that this is the last 11 million, they will legalize, and then you won’t be sending a signal to the next 11 million.”

I endorse a lot of things Krauthammer says, but I have … issues … with this kind of thinking.

He’s a very bright man, but I don’t understand how he thinks … believes … this sends a “closed door” signal to the next 11 million waiting to come.

I think such an amnesty puts out a new “Welcome” mat.

In 1968, President Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty and almost 3 million illegals came out of the shadows.

Reagan believed (as does Krauthammer in today’s world) that the 86 Amnesty would be the amnesty to end all amnesties … and the border would finally be secure.

Well, you see what we have now — plus we are sadly uninformed if we think … the illegals in our nation only number 11 million.

Plus, this kind of thinking gives leverage for President Obama to use executive power to grant amnesty.

Just last month in Texas, he mocked Republicans and said: Ronald Reagan passed immigration reform and you love Ronald Reagan.  Let’s go ahead and do it.

So, to Krauthammer,  this time .. this time … would be the “final” amnesty?   No, it wouldn’t.

You’ve heard … if we don’t learn from our history — we repeat our mistakes.

So, we have to know and remember our history … or maybe George Bernard Shaw was right:

“We learn from history — that we learn nothing from history.”


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