President Obama and Governor Nixon are making mistakes … and their actions could fuel more violence in Ferguson.

Tonight on Larry Conners USA on KTRS (550), I will provide details, but here’s a synopsis.

President Obama, you are trying to walk two paths … when there is only one path at this point.

You say: We need peace … there is no justification to attack police, burn and loot …. but, Mr. President,  you just can’t stop with those words.   You have to add, it’s understandable.

With that added … remark … you just gave additional blessings and forgiveness for the lawlessness.

Quit talking about how it is understandable that many in the community are upset.

We all know that.  We are all upset; we feel for Michael Brown’s family … regardless of what happened.

Mr. President, it would help if you would be direct … and say: There is no justification for this violence.


Save the remarks trying to “walk the line” about “understanding” … until we have peace.

Be clear.  Be direct.  Be a leader.

Governor Nixon, you sent in the National Guard, but then turn around, and remove the curfew intended to clear the streets.  That curfew was never intended to deny peaceful protesters their Constitutional Rights, but because of those complaints, Governor … you are backing up.

It has been a fact, every time, they march after sundown, their demonstrations are “hijacked” by thugs … carrying guns and Molotov cocktails and looking for opportunities to commit any crime of their choice.

So, Governor, why did you bother to activate the National Guard?

If there is no curfew …  no standing orders that the public clear the streets … what is the Guard’s mission?  If I were on that line, I would be very confused.  What am I supposed to do?  What am I allowed to do?

And Governor, for all your talk about the “militarization” of the police, you just took the biggest military step you can … putting troops in Ferguson.

And you leaders … leaders of these protests … you need to stop nighttime protests.  Stopping your demonstration at sundown … does NOT violate your Constitutional Rights.  It is a matter of safety … for your followers, law enforcement, residents and innocents.  And you, leaders, quit allowing parents to bring their children to these events when they can suddenly turn violent; are you trying to get a child killed?

For those of you overwhelmed by all this .. this noise … chaos … you should know that contrary to some thinking: This only involves a small section of Ferguson.  Most Ferguson citizens (black and white) are trying to live their lives, but already, this violence is delaying the opening of school.

When are REAL leaders going to emerge and call for an end … and wait … wait on justice?

Not just justice for Michael Brown … but true justice … wherever that leads us.

Tonight, on Larry Conners USA, we will also talk about the autopsy report on Michael Brown; you will hear what might represent Officer Darren Wilson’s side of the story; we also will hear from Pastor Jones of Greater Grace Church as we try to move forward from this crisis.

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