As we begin this new day, we have peace in Ferguson.

Now, any national news reports in print, on radio or television … has to say … Ferguson is calm.

I applaud Governor Nixon and others who realized that putting the Missouri State Troopers on the front line … could ease the tensions.

There will be continue to be demonstrations, but hopefully, we are past the violence.

Still, we need to know exactly what happened to Michael Brown and a Ferguson police officer; ¬†what did the 18 year old do or not do .. what did the police officer do … or not do — that lead to Brown’s death.

If anyone tells you, they know … they don’t.

We have some witnesses who tell compelling and seemingly consistent stories of what they saw, but evidence will either support or denounce their stories; we have a police officer who will either be able to justify what happened … or he won’t.

The final answers might not lead to just one, clear cut conclusion, but hopefully, they will lead to truth and justice.

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