The opening for Larry Conners USA … is never more accurate than right now: You want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth!

Many are screaming in the streets that they want justice … for the death of Michael Brown; in fact, many don’t want justice — they want blood.

Instead of shouting you want justice … shout what you really want:  revenge.

Even when you don’t have all the facts … you want revenge.

Those on the police officer’s other side who so quick to condemn Michael Brown because of that strong-armed robbery …  you are just as bad.  Sure, you aren’t on the streets protesting, but you are forming opinions based on that video and the bits and pieces we are all getting regarding what might or might not be facts .. what might or might not be true.

You want the truth?

The truth is … we wait for ALL the facts.

And if you want the facts .. ALL .. the facts, you accept not just those facts that fit your case, your perspective, your desire … you accept those facts that are against you.

You want the truth?

The video of Michael Brown in that strong armed robbery showed a mountain of a man who pushed and frightened a much, much smaller businessman.

Still, that robbery … does …. not … justify … lethal force.

So, Officer Wilson had to have other reasons to open fire.  He better have other reasons — he better have substantial reasons and supporting evidence.

You want the truth?

We have seen limited autopsy information … but many are already interpreting what the wounds say about the case; again, that’s an interpretation, mostly by lay people, not forensic pathologists.  Even the independent medical examiner hired by the family said … he couldn’t verify if Brown was shot while running away or while surrendering … or running at Officer Wilson.

You want the truth?

A preliminary toxicology report says Brown had marijuana in his blood.

Again, many rush to judgement based on that sliver of information.

Those crying for justice … claim that information amounts to character assassination … when it appears to be just one more fact.

Those looking to justify Brown’s death … quickly assume, he was hopped up.  He could have been.  While marijuana alone wouldn’t have been so mind and mood altering …  if the marijuana were laced with chemicals … if cocaine were mixed with marijuana use — those combinations could have turned what some call … The Gentle Giant … into something he normally wasn’t.   Is that what happened?

I don’t know.  We still need all the facts.

You want the truth?

Last night as the Washington Redskins football team took the field, they ran out … with their hands raised; they were mimicking what we’ve seen since Brown’s death.   Some who claim to be witnesses …  say that Brown had his hands raised in surrender when he was shot.  So, members of an NFL football team decided to show solidarity with protesters in Ferguson — so they come out with raised hands.

We are at Ground Zero, and we don’t have all the facts.

HOW can a team of football players in Washington have the facts?  They don’t; they are just accepting the story line that Michael Brown was unarmed .. and supposedly, had his arms raised in surrender.

You want the truth?

Or do you want what you believe … to be true?

In that case,  you .. can’t … handle .. the truth.

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