“The search for a scapegoat … is the easiest of all hunting expeditions.” / ((Dwight D. Eisenhower))

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob MucCullouch is under fire — as many say that he can not be “fair & impartial” in the Michael Brown case.

He says that he can.

I think he can … but …. if the very fact that he is leading the prosecution will be perceived as biased … and continue to agitate, I think it would be better for him to step aside.

Still, it is his decision, and McCulloch says that he has no intention of recusing himself.  He says that is his duty to carry out this investigation and will not voluntarily step aside.

McCullouch does say that since Governor Nixon has the authority to remove him, but McCullouch says Governor Nixon is engaged in double-speak and can’t make a tough decision.

McCullouch says .. If you want me out … tell Governor Nixon and get him to make a decision now … not days or weeks into the investigation …when everything will have to start over with a new prosecutor.

McCullouch says Michael Brown’s family deserves that decision now … so does Officer Darren Wilson and the community.

In candid words … McCullouch is telling Governor Nixon, “Man-up.”

It is possibly there is something else in play.

Maybe, Governor Nixon and others (even those who are crying for McCullouch to voluntarily step-aside) … are content .. reluctantly content … to leave this investigation in McCullouch’s hands.

Yesterday, Governor Nixon issued a statement saying: A vigorous prosecution must now be pursued.

That … that is inflammatory language and predisposes that “somebody” has to “prosecuted” — not investigated, prosecuted.  With that statement, Governor Nixon, declares that Officer Darren Wilson is to be prosecuted and convicted … no need for a Grand Jury and certainly not a trial.

So, maybe there’s a reason that Governor Nixon is wavering … in what to do about McCullouch.

Perhaps, Governor Nixon and others have already realized that … if there is no Grand Jury indictment against Officer Wilson … or if there is .. and then later, if there’s a jury verdict which angers the public — their hands are clean.

In other words, Governor Nixon and others might be thinking:  We suspect where this case might be headed … and IF … things go bad ( as in no indictment, no guilty verdict) … the results could inflame the public.

If, that happens, Governor Nixon and others are willing to sacrifice McCullouch as the scapegoat.

So, for now, give him enough rope … to hang himself.

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