Okay, I know my critics will jump on this … claiming that I’m so full of ego and Texas BS.

That’s fine. I can take the heat, and if you want to criticize me, get a ticket and get in line.

Okay, now that we have that established, I will state it again.

I should replace Piers Morgan on CNN … or someone like me should replace him.

Let me explain by sharing a letter, I’ll be sending CNN President Jeff Zucker:

President Zucker,

I don’t know how a decision was ever made to import a Brit to host that time period.

If you had any understanding of Americans, you should know that we don’t want a foreigner telling us how to think.

So who should replace Piers?

Me. Or someone like me.

I have more than 50 years in broadcasting and spent the last 28 as the prime anchor at KMOV the CBS station in St. Louis, and would still have the job, but weak, ineffective management fired me because of my age (66) and then tried to hide behind a fabricated story. Unlike Piers, I had good ratings.

My major disadvantage: I am not nationally known.

I did get national attention by an interview that I did with President Obama, but that was never my intent. I just asked the questions that many Americans had … such as: Mr. President how do you explain so many trips to exotic locations and resorts on the taxpayer dollar while many can’t afford a weekend trip?

My advantages: Born in Texas, spent the last 40 years in St. Louis (middle-America that Piers’ didn’t understand or even want to), spent 6 years in the Marines, God fearing, gun owner, pilot, Harley rider, poker player.

I have good friends of every color, gay friends, friends of every religion and nationality, friends against guns, friends with opposing political views. So, my world of friends is not limited to the elite and like minded as Piers and many of your CNN staff.

You could select someone from your current stable or national fame, but you will never build an audience using anyone with the same, stale Liberal views that can not even tolerate an opposing view.

You’ve allowed Piers, Martin Bashir and others to spew venom so there’s no wonder your ratings are in the toilet.

Here is what I’m proposing:

I host the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday programs, and you put your biggest name on the other nights.

We could even do my programs direct from St. Louis … the heartland of America.

Of course, if you hire me, I know that many on the Left or in your own company will not only wish for me to fail, but will campaign against me. Perhaps some of my fellow CNN workers will even try to sabotage me.

What will you achieve by putting me in that position? You will immediately gain a lot of attention. That includes positive attention, with a new and definitely larger audience.

Higher ratings … that is your end game plan, right?

So, to replace Piers, hire me. Or someone like me.

In case, you don’t hire me or someone like me, I’ll save this communication — to send my proposal to the guy who replaces you.

Larry Conners