I had a great grandmother go to her grave thinking her first grandson was going to be a doctor.

I decided at an age 7 that was what I was going to do; doctors helped the sick get better, and at that time, I thought it was kind of cool just because of the hospital paging system.

Sorry, did I lose you on that one?

In those days, a call would go out on the hospital paging system, and I could imagine it saying: Calling Doctor Conners. Calling Doctor Conners.

I kept that dream until I hit high school chemistry.

The only think I liked about that subject was that late in the year, we learned the art of distilling and made pure moonshine in class. A couple of the girls didn’t want to drink theirs so I got two extra shots.

Can you imagine that happening in a high school in these times? The teacher would be arrested, fired and prosecuted.

So, not liking chemistry, I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer; when the time came, I even took the LSAT and scored well, but by that time, I was doing some work at a local radio station and so that is the path I followed.

I do recall my football coach asking us one day to write down where we wanted to be and what we wanted to be doing in 10 years. I can not even begin to recall what I wrote down.

Do you recall your early dreams of what you wanted to be when you grew up? Did you achieve them?

My youngest daughter just wanted to be married, with a house full of kids, living in a house surrounded by a white picket fence.

She has one child, living in a condo. She is a skilled financial advisor, handling high end clients, their investments and their estates. She also deals in REITS and oil and gas leases. When I listen to her talk about a deal … I very impressed … and remember how lost I was in chemistry.

My oldest daughter had a different vision.

She wanted to go into either broadcasting (and I wasn’t pushing her) or into law enforcement.

She graduated with a degree in law enforcement and is now in Florida … selling drugs. No, not illegal drugs. She works for a pharmaceutical company.

I do remember when she was in the third grade, the students were asked to write down what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Most in her class wrote down what their parents did or something they thought they would like: a doctor, a lawyer, a vet … so on.

My daughter wrote simply: When I grow up, I want to be a Princess.