A 45 year old man is in custody … suspected of kidnapping and killing a Springfield, Missouri girl …and I’m sure that child suffered before she died.

In the eyes of the law, this “suspect” is innocent until proven guilty … even though police say the body of 10 year old Hailey Owens was found in his home.

At some point, a plea or verdict will come.

WHEN Hailey’s killer is convicted ,,, I propose his sentence include The Fathers’Room.

This is where fathers can gather and punish the killer as they choose.

Some might be appalled at my suggestion, but I’ve had it with those who prey on children and get off with a bed and hot meals.

The Father’s Room would be just the beginning of punishment, and it would not be over soon.

There is one thing better.

I’ve always hoped that I would “happen” upon such a crime in progress. In that case, for the villain, there would be no need for police, judge, jury, ambulance — just a coroner.