So UAW loses chance to unionize VW plant in Tennessee…and one of the first reasons cited is about race.

The claim is: Good old White boys at the plant feared the union would bring more in more Blacks.

Typical argument thrown at anything in the South.

There’s NO consideration that the majority of workers liked what they had and didn’t want to pay union dues.

I haven’t seen a racial break out of the workers voting for or against the union … but the immediate linkage of the vote to race … is not only stupid, it is clearly playing to The Race Card Handbook.

So who is to blame for this knee-jerk reaction of labeling all opponents and opposing issues … as racist?

You can not blame President Obama for initiating this slur, but he and many of his followers can be blamed for maintaining and promoting such a culture.

Trayvon Martin comes to mind, but just the other day I saw another example.

A Black Female on Twitter promotes herself as a Republican and she pushes the Conservative line… which is her right and her choice.

But as we too often see… Liberals just can’t accept that a Black American can be Conservative.

So, one of her critics quickly calls her : the house N…

Now, that is racist.