I am a big supporter of Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

He fights hard for the things that should matter to all of us, but this time, I think Senator Cruz is wrong.

Cruz claims that the FAA has been banning American airliners from going into Tel Aviv … as kind of an extortion plot hatched by the White House.   His theory is that President Obama ordered the FAA to say it is not safe to fly into Israel … only to put pressure on Israel and maybe end the current battle with Hamas sooner than later.

Senator Cruz … you are “off the reservation” on this claim.

The FAA initiated the ban after a Hamas rocket fell within a couple of miles of the Tel Aviv airport.

All of Israel is a hot zone right now; so far, Hamas firing 2200 rockets into Israel.  I agree that the Israelis do the very best job of protecting their citizens, airliners and airport … but it takes only one rocket to get through the Iron Dome Defense.

Clearly, this concern is higher than it might have been … because of what happened with Malaysia Flight 17.

After that tragedy, who wants to take a chance … individual … or airline?

I don’t want to give terrorists a “win” … but we already accept that we have changed our security because of other terrorist acts against our country and our fellow Americans.

The other point being that if the FAA … did not … issue such a “stop”, and something happened, I know that many, including Senator Cruz would be demanding answers … and be justified in those demands.

One other point , months before Malaysia Flight 17 was blown out of the sky, the FAA had issued a warning to American airlines: Do not fly into the Crimean or Ukraine area.

Our airlines haven’t; it would have been wise for Malaysia airlines to follow the advise of our FAA.

So, in the final analysis, Senator Cruz … keep doing the things that you do to make our country better, but don’t create false claims.

They damage your credibility on other key issues  … when our nation needs you more than ever.

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