As I write this, I’m watching one of the most heart wrenching scenes.

The first of the bodies recovered from Malaysia Flight 17 arrived in the Netherlands.

A Dutch Hercules C-130 and an Australian C-17  Globemaster arrived with a total of 40 coffins.

Then, the coffins were solemnly and with respect and military honors … were loaded into black hearses.

Then, the long black line escorted by motorcycle officers began a long road journey to a site where the bodies will be identified so they can eventually be released to their loved ones.

Along the road, thousands are mostly standing silent on overpasses and from time to time, there is muffled applause and everywhere, there are tears.  In respect, traffic in opposite lanes is stopped.

This mournful scene will be repeated over and over …. until all of the victims are home.

193 of the 298 on board that flight were from the Netherlands.

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