When I first heard of this story, I suspected it was some bogus report, but then, I found it to be true.

On March 28, New Bern, North Carolina Police Officer Alexander Thalmann was killed in a shootout with a gunman who was also killed.

Sit down for the next part of this story.

New Bern Mayor Dana Outlaw went to the cop killer’s funeral.

The mayor says he did it to help start the healing process in his community.

So, here is the mayor ( and two of his aldermen) in the midst of a funeral for the man who shot a 22 year old officer in the face and injured another officer.

I can accept the fact that the scumbag who killed Officer Thalmann had a mother and others who loved him despite what he did, but there’s no justification for the mayor to attend his funeral.

The mayor can talk all he wants about healing and forgiveness, but to show up at the killer’s funeral is a disgrace to the fallen officer and all those who stand between us and criminals.

Mayor Outlaw is so far out of touch with reality that the day his officer was killed, the first posting on his official Facebook page, he talked about how glad he was to see winter end so he could do some fishing. Later after someone probably prompted him, he added some remarks about the death of his officer.

God wants us to be forgiving, but I can’t forgive someone who kills an officer.

I leave that to God.

And I can not forgive an elected official who thinks it is a “good” thing to attend a cop killer’s funeral.