Often, I get asked that question … and it is happening more and more often.

The quick answer is: No.

The emphatic answer is: Hell no!

I am not retired, and I’m not ready to do so. I still love the broadcasting business, and I have much more to contribute.

I’ll give you an update on my career, but first let me state where we are on legal issues.

We still have a case pending with the National Labor Relations Board regarding the Facebook Policy which Channel 4 / KMOV used to fire me. I understand that the station has since dropped the policy that was in place at the time of my termination.

We continue our case with the EEOC regarding Channel 4 / KMOV
discriminating against me for age.

We continue our defamation case where Channel 4 / KMOV managers issued remarks designed to damage me and my ability to earn a living. ( I will say that is one of the more obscene issues in my case: Channel 4 / KMOV managers said that I had damaged my credibility and could no longer be trusted, BUT, they did not want me to compete against them. If I were so damaged, you would think they would be glad to have another station hire me. Yeah, I know; it is bizarre thinking and clearly meant to hurt me and my family.)

The non-compete issue will expire at the end of May … so even now, I could sign a deal with another tv station in St. Louis and be on the air within weeks.

I believe that I can contribute and draw an audience for any station, but I have made something clear in talks with other broadcast stations.

As much as I want to get back on the air, I do not want someone to lose a job just to make room for me.

So, even after the non-compete expires, I have to work out specifics of a deal with another station … and not at the expense of another employee.

That is a critical issue because I have high respect for my colleagues in the market.

In the meantime, I appreciate the support of John Beal Roofing, Rhino Shield, Inman Air (Heating & Air Conditioning), Conservative Tours as I serve as their spokesman; I thank you for supporting them in return and supporting my future sponsors.

There’s a development regarding the News Director who had a hand in my termination at Channel 4 / KMOV.

Before I was terminated … I had been demoted from the 10pm news to the 6pm after returning from surgery. In other words, while recovering from an injury, I lost my job as the 10pm Prime Anchor.

When I challenged that decision, the News Director said, I have to look out for the future of the station 5 years from now.

I told him, You won’t be here 5 years from now, and in the meantime, you are messing with my career in St. Louis.

As expected, he left KMOV about 2 months ago … about a year after demoting me. In other words, he wasn’t really interested in the future of Channel 4 and St. Louis viewers .. just his own career.

General Manager Mark Pimentel who also participated in firing me … remains the GM at KMOV / Channel 4.