Really, I had something else planned for this post … but then, something surfaced.

I know some think that I have nothing better to say than pick on Obamacare. I do, but this is a critical issue … AND … the Administration makes this such an easy target with stupid, stupid decisions.

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

So, now, the Obama Administration has a new series of commercials.

This is an attempt to get more young adults … especially women to
sign up.

What is this great, innovative advertising scheme?

Using rapping, singing animals … telling their owners to enroll in Obamacare.

So, as if the Donkeys who signed this legislation need more animals to help … there’s a Pug that raps:
So listen to me
A talking Pug, you see
If you get health insurance
Preventative care is now free.

And there are rapping dogs, cats, parrots, fish …

I will tell you this … you got to hand it to the guy who came up with this idea and was able to sell it: Yes, this is going to work! Let’s get into production and out to the public, immediately!