New Government Budget Office report says that several million employed will choose to reduce their hours … or even quit their jobs.

They will want to make sure they don’t earn too much money .. so they can be eligible to get federal health care subsidies or Medicaid.

The GBO estimates that would equate to 2.3 million full time jobs by 2021 ..and that is more than the 800,000 originally predicted to take such actions.

So, this is another “benefit” to having Obamacare … like getting an Obamacare phone.

Is this a great country or what????

You can work your ass off and provide for your family or simply slow down … maybe even sit under a shade tree and not have to worry about health care.

This means several more generations raised on the teat of the federal government.

But …and there is a BUT … (and you can certainly add the extra T) .. somebody … somebody …will have to work hard and earn money so the government will have a way to hand out those subsidies.

That would be