Last night on LARRY CONNERS USA … Dr. Rick Lehman told me one of the scariest scenarios regarding the thousands of illegal immigrants … mostly children.

Dr. Lehman said he had heard on “back channels” from doctors and other medical personnel .. these kids are carrying everything from TB to diseases we haven’t seen in this country and maybe haven’t identified.

That is frightening, but here’s the other part, that is worst.

Dr. Lehman said that medical staffs are being told … do not talk to media about what you are finding AND … AND … this is critical to our national security … DO NOT report what you are finding to the CDC.

That is damning.

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Tonight on LARRY CONNERS USA …. we will discuss that with Steven Bucci  (Former DOD and National Security) and Dr. Lehman will return to expand on this scary story.

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  1. My thoughts are that if our president truly cared for the American people like he says, then he would not allow this to happen. This country is going down quick because of the decisions our government has made and the way they choose to run it. And with a president who signs an executive order every other day and don’t care what the repercussions from them are it’s gonna keep happening and only get worse.

  2. That’s absolutely unacceptable!!! This needs to on local and national news reports! Thanks Larry for your commitment

  3. If the gov’t doesn’t want us talking about it, rest assured Larry will talk about it! Always remember sunlight is a great disinfectant!

    • Mark, thanks for your comments .. and yes, we will talk about it. Sorry to be so late responding; thanks for your support.

    • Madeline, I agree .. something is being covered up. We will know when our nation comes down with various diseases. Thank you for listening.

  4. as a former faithful listener I’d like to listen to your new show via live stream to my PC but the only streams I can get to work are last nights program… I’d love to hear your new show but it shouldn’t be so difficult to get it to work…. Oh Wellll…..

    • Dave, sorry for my delay in responding. Sorry you are having trouble; why don’t you call someday and ask for our engineer department. Tell them I asked you to call to see if they can resolve your issue. Best to you.

  5. I feel for these children, but know how dangerous it is to keep them here. How about we use the dollars we are already spending to build holding areas in Mexico…wages for childcare workers would be less and it would be easier for families to get them back without having to deal with border issues. Then use the savings to help secure our border better.


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