That title says it all.

Democrats are frustrated with President Obama because how he is handling the immigration crisis at the border will cost them at the polls.

Not all of them are upset with the President, but those openly supporting him … aren’t the ones on the front line of this battle.

Two Texas Democrats make it clear: This is a defining moment for Obama.

And it appears he is failing.

He won’t even go to the border .. saying that would just be “theater”.

Funny how he takes that approach, but he went to New Jersey to have “love fest” with Governor Christie in that disaster .. and make no mistake .. what is happening on our border is a disaster  — man-made.

It is also a threat to national security.

Even Pelosi went to see the situation at the border …  Bless her little heart.   That reminds me of a joke which I might tell tonight on LARRY CONNERS USA.

The show opens at 9 with the immigration issue, but before we are finished at midnight, we will address the latest on Israel, a convicted crook who was a mayor of a big city … Senator McCaskill’s report on rape on college campuses .. UFO sighting over Chile … an interview with the Missouri State Treasuer who wants to give you money .. American Fact or Fiction, An American story …. and .. and..

News & Commentary.

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