May 22, 2013 … I was fired from KMOV.

I waited at this late hour to post this because I’m sure KMOV General Manager Mark Pimentel was thinking that maybe, just maybe, I was going to let this day pass without any remarks.


Over time, there have been many mistaken and false “facts” and outright lies about why I was fired.

The real story involves retaliation, discrimination and what I would call malice.

A lot of issues are still in play in court, but let me deal with one.

Before I was fired, I was shown a “Facebook Policy” the KMOV staff was supposed to follow.

I insisted that I did not violate any such policy; in fact, the union challenged that policy.

The National Labor Relations Board started investigating.

The result?

KMOV withdrew the policy. In other words, I was fired under a false “policy” which has now been cancelled.

As of today, KMOV can no longer keep me from working on television.

This is a new day.

Be watching for the next post.

For now, in closing …to paraphrase a quote you have heard:
The reports of my demise … are greatly exaggerated.