When I was fired the Wednesday before Memorial Day last year, KMOV was immediately under attack.

My supporters launched several campaigns against the station.

The station was flooded with calls, but the critical mass hit the KMOV Facebook page.

In the early stages, General Manager Mark Pimentel and his henchman News Director Sean McLaughlin probably thought they could contain the damage and things would quickly blow over.

As with many of their decisions involving me … they were wrong.

My followers started posting their anger and disgust in the comments section on the KMOV Facebook page. KMOV began “sanitizing” or outright banning my followers, but the pressure continued. So many complaints were being lodged that the station shut down the comment section.

So much for KMOV’s belief in “free speech”.

Still, Channel 4 was outsmarted by my supporters. They started posting remarks on any and every story on the Facebook page. If there was a section reporting how nice the weather would be for the next few days, a supporter would write something like …It won’t be nice for Larry Conners since you fired him.

In other words, the attacks laced almost every article on the page.

So, what did GM Pimentel and ND McLaughlin do next?

They went into full “bunker mentality”.

They took the entire Facebook page down.

It was gone … wiped clean. You couldn’t find it and you certainly couldn’t post any remarks supporting me or condemning KMOV.

This was in the midst of last year’s Memorial Day Weekend. That was a high traffic time for the Facebook and a lot of ad revenue was at stake.

But KMOV shut the page down … later claiming, it was being altered, modified, improved ..whatever. Yeah, that made sense. Shut it down on Memorial Day and order staff to reformat the page during the holiday.

That’s when many of my supporters started posting their remarks against KMOV on Facebooks of KTVI and KSDK. I have long, long lists of emails sent to the other stations … proof of KMOV’s fear that I could damage Channel 4 if I went on another station.

One supporter, Adam Bohn (Twitter: @BadtotheBohn) launched a webpage to get me rehired, and later, he helped initiate a boycott of KMOV … which many support even one year later.

Within days,I started this page, and without having a broadcast show where I can continually promote this page, it has grown.

My fan base is above 5,000 … just by readers like you supporting me and encouraging others to follow me.

I owe so much to so many of you.

I’ve tried to respond to each and every email to make sure you know how much your support and prayers mean to me and my family.

Just last night, Janet and I were remarking how much God has blessed us over this last year. We thank HIM every night.

So what happens with me next?

That will be my next post, and if you missed yesterday’s, I encourage you to read it.

What will happen to the KMOV Facebook page this Memorial Day weekend?

It’s hard to say because so many previous supporters have already abandoned the page. KMOV shows 170,000 “fans” while KTVI and KSDK each have double that number.

Will the KMOV Facebook page be “safe” this weekend?

Whatever happens, the true focus for Memorial Day is to remember and honor those who sacrificed for our country.

God Bless America.