Now that President Obama has filled out his NCAA bracket … wonder if he would be interested in a little wager regarding his health care program?

Today, the White House admitted that 20% of the 5 million who have signed up for ObamaCare … haven’t paid for it. So at least 1 million signed up are not actually enrolled.

Mr President, how about an Over/Under Bet on theĀ real number who haven’t paid?

I’m taking the Over .., because as usual I suspect the Administration is playing with the numbers and more than 20% haven’t paid.

In fact, let’s also wager on the total amount even signed up when enrollment closes. This time, I will take the Under because I’m sure the actual number will fall way short of projected number.

Mr President, I do insist that on this bet, you can’t change the rules by extending the enrollment deadline; I’ve seen you do that too many occasions … putting extra time on the clock.

Okay, now that the bets are set … what should we wager?

I propose that WHEN I win … I get to keep my insurance and never have to worry about the government interfering with my insurance ever again.

(There’s no need to discuss what happens if I lose OR if you win — unless you change the rules.)

Mr President … WHEN you lose , you and the entire family have to go on your health plan … and … you don’t get to keep your current doctor.

I’ll be waiting for your response.
PS: Somehow, I didn’t get my invitation to join reporters to the White House for an interview. I know a fine St Louis anchor did get invited. Did my invitation get lost in the mail?