While we celebrate our independence, our Constitution and all our rights … keep the following story in mind.

Egypt’s military led authorities shut down several broadcast stations …after President Morsi was toppled by the army.

The security forces raided the offices of Al Jazeera’s Egyptian news channel and detained at least five staff members.
The channel, Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr, was prevented from broadcasting from a pro-Mursi rally in northern Cairo and its crew on the scene was detained.

Al Jazeera’s Egyptian station began broadcasting after the 2011 revolution that topped President Hosni Mubarak and has been accused by critics of being sympathetic to Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.
Correspondents reported being interrupted during a live broadcast, with presenters and guests being arrested.

THIS IS WHAT THE FUTURE LOOKS LIKE … if we ignore, neglect or fail to protect our Constitutional rights.

Keep that in mind … burn the image of tv/radio stations being shutdown, newspapers being burned and the internet and any electronic communications being disrupted.

On this July 4th … remember the price paid for your freedom.
Do not ignore this event in Egypt — do not say it can not happen here.

If you haven’t read the 1962 book “Seven Days in May” or seen the movie … you should.

In that case, the take-over of our government was reportedly influenced by the right-wing, anti-Communist political activities of General Edwin Walker after he resigned from the military.

It is important to keep in mind … right-wing, left-wing, Liberal, Conservative, Muslim, Christian …any group or effort intent on destroying our Constitution … should be fought tooth and nail.
Already, too many good men and women … died and suffered in the trenches to preserve what we have. Do not forget their sacrifices. Do not fail them.

Karl Marx claimed, “Democracy is the road to socialism.”
Lately, we might be inclined to accept his theory, but then, I’m reminded of the words of Ron Paul: “Our founders cherished liberty, not democracy.”

And “liberty’ is the true essence of our First Amendment and all other rights under our Constitution.

While it is important who rules and controls Egypt … the more pressing fear is … how close are we to experiencing the same fate of government/military control of our news sources?

First Amendment rights can be as fragile as smoke … if you do not take care to protect them.