Reportedly, only 4 times in the 86 year history of the Academy Awards has a nomination been pulled from consideration.

Now, the title song of the Christian film “Alone Yet Not Alone” has been revoked.

The reason cited: the composer who wrote the title song sent out an email trying to gather interest and support … or at least to get some Academy members to notice the film and music.

The Academy believes that the emails … a pure grassroots effort … were excessive lobbying.

Yet, some of the major film companies have spent months promoting their contenders for movies, actors and other nominations.

“Alone Yet Not Alone” has been endorsed by prominent Conservatives who are not well liked by Liberal Hollywood.

The other Academy submissions were revoked for technical reasons … such as not being released for audiences during the required time period.

I know that Hollywood will make all kinds of excuses trying to justify why this this title song was removed from the Academy Nominations … but as far as I’m concerned, this is out right blacklisting a song (and film) because of its Christian message and support from the Christian community.