Let’s say you are a nurse/doctor/ health care worker … and  have just returned from volunteering one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

You were in West Africa … treating Ebola patients.   Up to 70% of your patients might die, but you are doing what you can.

You take all the precautions to keep yourself safe.

When your mission is finished, you return to the United States.

You are showing no symptoms of Ebola, yet a state law demands that you be placed in quarantine.

A state law passed in the midst of fear that anyone coming from West Africa could be carrying Ebola .. but you have no symptoms.

Still, you are ordered to stay in your house for 21 days.

It’s not like you are locked away in a dungeon; you are just ordered to stay in your own home.

Would you be willing to follow that quarantine order for 21 days … or would you start fighting back and threatening to sue … claiming your civil rights are violated?

That’s the story of Kaci Hickox, a volunteer with Doctors Without Borders.

She says that she is not going to follow the quarantine .. and will be suing.

Again, I ask .. what would you do?

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