A FB reader asked me to pass along this story.
It involves police being used to collect DNA samples for a study on drunk and drugged drivers.
The reader says he encountered police conducting this operation near Watson Road and Mackenzie on the evening of September 6.
It appears our area was one of 60 across the nation where this was happening.
A report in Daily Caller detailed such a study in Alabama:
“drivers were asked to voluntarily offer samples of their saliva and blood for a study being conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation.
The drivers were compensated for their samples.”
The article continued by quoting an officer:
“They’ve got big signs up that says ‘paid volunteer survey’ and if they want to participate they pull over there and they ask them questions and if they are willing to give them a mouth swab they give them $10 and if they are willing to give them a blood sample they give them $50. And if they don’t do anything they drive off.”

So, what do you think of this “study”?
The full Daily Caller article is attached.