The term is “Mission Creep”.

Many suspected that would happen once President Obama decided to send about 1400 U.S. troops to Iraq … and today, it became official.

President Obama is now sending about 1500 more troops into Iraq.

The White House continues to insist:  These are not combat troops — they are joining fellow U.S. troops in training Iraqi and Kurdish forces to fight ISIS.

I have said that while I don’t want U.S. boots on the ground … I also acknowledge that air strikes were never going to destroy ISIS; to be successful, the mission would have to involve ground forces.

So, while I also believed we would see “mission creep” as we expanded our role … and .. the number of our troops in Iraq — I realize that it is necessary.

The key is: How many troops … and will they have the support they need to protect themselves?

The White House can continue to say that these are not combat troops, but whatever you call them … these are U.S. soldiers in the middle of a war in a foreign land.

Make no mistake … our troops are in a combat zone.

Tonight on Larry Conners USA, we will open our lines for your thoughts on this latest White House decision.

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We will also discuss how President Obama is moving closer to striking some kind of “nuclear deal” with Iran.

That can not … happen.

Also, the GOP is gearing up to battle Obama’s plans to … use his Executive Power to grant amnesty to millions of illegals.