I ask that question because … too often, I hear many say …torture is wrong.  Water-boarding is wrong.

My question:  If you got information to avoid another 9-11 … would it be worth it?

You don’t like that question?  Let’s make it more specific, more personal: What if that information would save your family from terrorists?

Suddenly, many who are voice concern and complaints … are waffling.

The Democrats in the Senate are anxious to release a report which means nothing right now … but will immediately put our U.S. troops in danger.

Even the White House admits releasing this information creates a threat, but sides with Democrats who are insisting that you need to know … NOW … what the Senate Intelligence Committee found.

The investigation focused on the CIA Detention and Interrogation program .. including water-boarding and other tactics used to get information from terrorists after 9-11.   More than 8 years ago, President Bush ordered the CIA secret overseas prisons closed, and the Democratic lead Senate has been investigating the CIA since 2009.

I have no issue with the Senate releasing the report, the timing?  Even Secretary of State Kerry calls Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein and requests that the report not be released right now.

She ignores Kerry; would she ignore President Obama making the same request?

It’s a rhetorical question … he’s not calling.  As White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, this report has been a goal of the Administration since Obama took office.

In other words, there is no concern for the threat the timing poses to our troops.

Thousands of Marines are a higher state of alert around the world because some Democrats want to make political points.

This subject and the latest demonstrations including those by professional athletes following the Grand Jury rulings on the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

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