Tonight on LARRY CONNERS USA,  I’ll lay out some thoughts on when the St. Louis County Grand Jury decision “could” be announced.

I’ll discuss some issues that might give us a timeline.

Also tonight, I look at how President Obama said 5 times that he can not use Executive Order to create amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants … but now says, I have the power.

We will examine the amnesty issue in detail and there are some events on this subject which I am sure you have not seen on mainstream media.

Tonight, I’ll also have more evidence of how Obama is linked to Johnathan Gruber who thinks you … the American public … are stupid, and I ‘ll have the story of a network news anchor who said she lost her job because in the words of her bosses… she had embarrassed the President and his Administration.

Plus, at the top of the 10PM Hour, News & Commentary … not your typical 10PM News.

In the 11PM Hour, we switch gears from controversy to some fun subjects ranging from Fats Domino to Bill Joel to On Golden Pond, Ben Hur and Apollo 12.

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