This time of year, numerous organizations try to help those in need and especially the kids.
I will never be able to list nor promote all those efforts, but I encourage you to look around and find one or more that you want to support.
The groups in major cities and areas tend to get a lot of attention, and in those areas, there is a great need … but groups serving rural areas haveĀ a tremendous need and get little attention or support.
One example is in Bismarck, Missouri.
A reader tells me that his church is holding its Christmas Drive for Toys and Food; the church use to serve 700 families a month, but had to cut back to 300 families due to lack of support.
That means at least 400 families in need will not be helped.
If you want to contribute, contact the Hands of Christ Ministries in Bismarck for more details. (573-734-6300)
Again, this is just one effort that would appreciate the help, but let God, your heart and mind guide you where you can provide for the needy … rural or city.