Whatever you think of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture … it is clearly leading to discussions, debate and even heated arguments.

The Report concludes that the CIA was on a rogue mission, lied and covered-up what it did to detainees captured following   9-11; the CIA is accused of hiding information from Congress and the White House while engaging in wide spread “torture” and the most damning finding is… the enhanced interrogations yielded no valuable information to protect Americans.

My Facebook, website, email, phone … has been on fire over this issue and that’s why tonight on LARRY CONNERS USA, we are going to spend the first hour on this subject.

I can’t say that everything done to get information from detainees was handled properly; I wasn’t a witness, but I can say that the Democrats controlling the Senate and this committee can’t answer that question for the same reason; they relied on what they gleaned from more than 6 million documents and tidbits.  They did not question key CIA leaders nor operatives.

The Report does detail some horrifying acts that many call torture, and I’m willing to concede, the acts sure sound like torture, and nothing that I want to endure, but they were not designed to kill or even permanently maim.  Yes, one … one detainee died from exposure; if that had been the intent, don’t you think more would have died?

Contrary to our enemies, we were not “torturing” for the joy of it or just because we could; we were doing it to get any and all information that might save American lives and prevent another 9-11.

The Ticking Bomb Scenario … poses a threat and limited time to defuse it.

A deadly explosive is placed in a very public location and hundreds or even thousands might die if the bomb is not dismantled; you have in custody the terrorists responsible … but you have only a few hours for them to tell you where the device is before it detonates.

What would you do to get the information?

I posed that question to some of those calling me and criticizing my acceptance and endorsement of enhanced interrogation techniques such as detailed in the Senate Report.

Some said they would take their chances.  Do you have the same response if your family will be among the fatalities?

Some have said, The Ticking Bomb Scenario … is overly dramatic and all “Hollywood”.

The 9-11 attacks looked like something from Hollywood, but they were all so real … and deadly.

Still, there are those who insist that “torture” , enhanced interrogation techniques … are wrong.

Even if you get information to save American lives?

When we dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki … we didn’t do it just to kill innocent civilians, children and women.  We did it to help end the war, save American lives … even save other Japanese lives.

If we had one or more terrorists in custody before the others could carry out 9-11, and we knew … knew … they were plotting a massive attack … would you not do everything possible to get the information so you could stop those planes?

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