Over the weekend, a 29 year old woman with terminal cancer made a decision to take her own life.  She was in a state that allows “assisted suicide”.

Tonight, on Larry Conners USA, we will discuss her case. and you will hear from a doctor who has assisted in such cases; he says that he did  not willingly accept that mission, but realized that it was best for the patient.

Our phone lines will be open on this subject:  314-969-KTRS and 1-888-550-KTRS.

Also tonight, we are getting more details about what happened on board the Virgin Galactic Spaceship; Colonel Jack Jackson who was a test pilot for years with Boeing will join that discussion.

We also set the table for tomorrow’s mid-term election; will Republicans end up controlling the Senate and the House?  Will that be a good thing?

Our 11PM Hour, we’ll be “Off To See The Wizard” and remember one of the biggest hits for Elvis.

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