Archbishop Robert J. Carlson took a vow to serve God and protect his flock.

The youngest of the flock need the most protection.

Archbishop Carlson is not charged with sexually abusing any children under his care, but for 15 years while an auxiliary bishop in St. Paul – Minnesota, he was involved in dealing with sex abuse cases.

Now, in a sworn deposition regarding an alleged child abuse case, Archbishop Carlson made a statement which is not only shocking, but shameful.

The attorney asked, Archbishop Carlson whether he knew it was a crime for an adult to engage in sex with a child.

Archbishop Carlson responded, I’m not sure where I knew it was a crime or not. I understand today it’s a crime.”

Carlson wants us to believe that he truly didn’t know such an act was a crime???

No adult would be unclear on this point, certainly, no priest should be confused or uncertain.

Priest who have been convicted of sexually abusing children for decades know they were guilty of a crime; that’s why they made such an effort to hide what they did; that’s why the Catholic Church has been complicit in the cover-up.

Not a crime?

Archbishop Carlson did you not at least consider it was an immoral act against a child … and violated God’s law?

No, you knew it was a crime.

There’s evidence that in a 1984 document that Carlson advised his Archbishop that the statute of limitation for filing a claim would not expire for two more years; so he was aware of the criminal issues.

The spokesman for the St. Louis Archdiocese says, “while not being able to recall his knowledge of the law exactly as it was many decades ago, the archbishop did make it clear that he knows child sex abuse is a crime today.”

I know that statement was written and rewritten numerous times as an attempt at “damage control” … but it is a lame response.

James 3:1 makes it very clear that church leaders should be held to a higher standard … and if they fail … they will be judged more strictly.

Archbishop Carlson and others involved in covering up priests sexually abusing children … are just as guilty as those committing the crime.

And yes, Archbishop it is a crime now … it was a crime yesterday and before … and it will be a crime in the future.