Starting at 9pm on Larry Conners USA … I am asking President Obama:  Do we have a strategy for dealing with ISIS — Islamic terrorists?

Last week, President Obama said … We don’t have a strategy.

Tonight, he just issued orders to send another 350 U.S. troops to Iraq.

Their mission is to protect our diplomatic personnel and our facilities.

In the same White House statement, we are told …  ISIS is told … these troops will not engage in combat.

Does that mean, they can’t return fire … or do whatever is necessary to protect the diplomats, buildings and themselves?

It wouldn’t be the first time that troops have been sent into harm’s way … and were told … you can’t shoot back — unless directly threatened.

This is now our strategy?

Am I missing something here?

On my program, we will be talking to a foreign and national security expert … a former member of the Army Special Forces.

Also tonight, ISIS carries out its threat .. and beheads another American journalist.

We can not and should not bargain with ISIS … but what should we do to cut off the heads of these vipers?

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