Often, I’m asked what do I think about Steve being a news anchor … specifically, what do I think about him replacing me?

My answer: I have nothing bad to say about Steve.

I like Steve and have a high respect for him.

He is a solid sports anchor/reporter.

If you have not heard him broadcast a Rams game, I encourage you to listen. You will quickly see why he has earned high recognition for that job.

Many don’t know that Steve played for the Dallas Cowboys.

As he told me: Tom Landry fired me…twice.

But there’s more to that story.

Steve suffered a serious injury, was cut from the team, rehabbed and made the team a second time … only to be injured again.

For someone to make the Dallas Cowboy team not once, but twice, especially after going through surgery and rehab at that time … was and is amazing.

You never hear Steve really talk about his time with the Cowboys; you almost have to drag any comments out of him. In all the years, I can’t recall a single time when Steve even said something like: When I was a Dallas Cowboy …

In my view he has every right to brag about those days, but he is very humble about that experience.

On a personal level, I have no issue with Steve being named a news anchor.

My issue is with management targeting me, demoting me … because of my age.

It is an undeniable fact that Steve and I have built careers in different arenas.

He spent his profession focusing on sports and is more knowledgeable than many in that field.

In my 50 plus years in broadcasting, I’ve focused on news.

I spent 38 years in St. Louis and the last 28 as a prime anchor at KMOV.

Since 1976, I have covered every major news story in this area … often field anchoring events ranging from national political conventions to natural weather disasters.

In my career, I’ve interviewed everyone from Presidents to death row inmates.

I’ve asked the tough questions on controversial issues and made enemies on both sides by doing what the anchor job required.

A news anchor builds credibility by decades of that kind of effort and involvement in major news events.

At this point, Steve does not have that background, credentials or “time in grade” as a news anchor or “hard nose” reporter.

Decades from now, Steve could have that resume.

At that time, someone younger named to replace him … will probably fall way short of background, credentials and “time in grade” that Steve will have achieved.

I wish Steve well as he begins this new career.