CNN still hasn’t named a replacement for Piers Morgan.

For now, CNN is doing a dance .., putting different personifies and special programs in that slot.

As I said in previous post I did “apply” for the job. I suggested that we could even do the program from St. Louis. That would be better than hiring a Brit to tell Americans what they should think about Constitutional Rights such as the Second Amendment. In my open letter to CNN , I did say: If you don’t hire me , hire someone like me.

I sent that “open letter” (certified) to CNN’s President. I got back a form letter, thanking me for my interest in working for CNN and giving me an address to send my resume. I didn’t because it was obvious I was getting the run around.

Maybe it was destiny that CNN rejected me. I mean just look at what has happened.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is resigning.

Should I apply for that job?

Granted, I might not be on President Obama”s preferred list, but my credentials and previous Obama interview should prove that I would not be just another White House mouth piece.

So , should I apply for White House Press Secretary ???

I do have a B.S. Degree and I do use the BS a lot.