We are learning that Russian TU-95 (BEAR) bombers are moving ever closer to the U.S.

This month, four of these bombers and a Russian refueling tanker flew inside the U.S. Air Defense Identification Zone; that area extends 200 miles off the North American coast, off Alaska.

They were intercepted by US F-22 fighters.

Two of the Russian bombers headed west, but the other two headed south.

US F-15 fighters identified them just 50 miles off the California coast.

They never entered U.S. territory which by international law extends 13.8 miles off our coast.

Still, any aircraft entering the Air Defense Zone .. is supposed to notify the FAA .. who they are … what they are doing .. where they are going.

Bascially:  What is your intention.

The Russians never communicated, and in fact, they had transponders turned off … so they are a danger to any commercial aircraft that might be in those skies.

As I told you yesterday,  Russia has said … it will start more flights into the Caribbean and into the Gulf Coast.

The Russians are flexing their muscles while moving deeper into Ukraine.

What are we doing about it?  What are we hearing from the White House?  Where is our leadership?

Questions for our first guest  … on Larry Conners USA tonight.

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