Your chances of getting Ebola are slim … unless you travel to those infected West African nations or come in contact with someone who has been in that area.

It is true that you are more likely to get influenza.

Of course, the mortality rates between the two are dramatic.   Ebola kills 50 to 70% of those infected.

So, I think the real Ebola crisis for us … is how this is demonstrating how inadequate, ineffective and even clueless our “leaders” are when it comes to dealing with the disease.

It’s what I call: The Car Blinker Syndrome:  it’s on… it’s off .. it’s on … it’s off.

The White House and CDC are not that concerned about Ebola ever reaching our shores.  The blinker is off … then, after Ebola shows up in our nation, the blinker is on.

But then, they are not that concerned because it was just one case.  So, again, the blinker is off… then, when we learn that case lead to others, the blinker is on.

When we are told all proper protocols are being followed; the blinker is off.   Then, when we realize, the protocols are sloppy, not understood, not enough, the blinker is on.

When that we don’t need to check arriving passengers, the blinker is off.   But then, it’s on… and screening is initiated.

This Blinker Syndrome goes on and on.

Our troops going to West Africa will be safe… but now,  some scheduled to return to the states are quarantined.

We are told if troops get sick, they will be immediately transferred back to the U.S. for the best medical care, but then we hear that currently, there is only one plane designated for such an airlift … and it is designed to carry … only … only … one soldier at a time.

When we are told that we have a new Ebola Czar to oversee and co-ordinate all Ebola issues … we find he’s a guy that has no medical background … just a political hack … who continues to miss important White House briefings on Ebola.

No, Ebola isn’t the real crisis;  it’s just the issue unveiling the real crisis:  A total lack of leadership.

It’s on.  It’s off.  It’s on.

It’s …. off.

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