What happened in Paris is the latest example of how Islamic Radicals want to rule the world.

You say or write anything “offensive” about Muslim Prophet Muhammad … and you will be targeted .. you will be killed and possibly your family will be killed.

The French publication, Charlie Hebdo, had a small circulation … maybe 20,000, but still it became a target for Extremists because of cartoons and other satires aimed at Muhammad.

By the way, this same magazine has also published items offensive to Christians, mocking Jesus.

12 victims were killed as hooded gunmen raced into the offices.  Some survivors say the gunmen called for victims by name … knowing who they wanted to kill.  When the shooting stopped,  they left 4 cartoonists and 8 other magazine employees dead.

Before the gunman attacked the office, they shot and killed a police man outside.

There is video of the officer, wounded, on the side-walk … raising his arm … for some kind of protection, maybe pleading for his life .. but one of the gunmen walks over to him .. and executes him.

The police man … was a Muslim.

Many are shouting, don’t call these terrorists Muslim … but they are.  Yes, they are Radical, Extreme Muslims … but that is their faith.

That is why they kill… because if you don’t believe exactly … exactly what they believe… you are an infidel .. and that is punishable by death.

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