More than 300 religious leaders from across the nation .. issued an open letter — condemning “abusive police actions” and calling for a change.

In part, the letter reads:  FBI data shows that police killed two African Americans per week … between 2005 and 2012.  While law enforcement officers at times face threatening situations … surely this amount of bloodshed is indicative of failed strategies and systemic racism.

I accept that premise .. to an extent.

I also believe that these religious leaders and others … need to issue another open letter.

This letter should condemn African Americans … killing African Americans  — at a much higher rate than 2 per week.

That letter should conclude:  This amount of bloodshed … is indicative of failed strategies … and systemic “lack of respect for life”.

While we wait to see if that letter comes, there might be a credibility issue with a key witness in the Michael Brown shooting.

Dorian Johnson who was with Brown during that strong-armed robbery and with him when they encountered Officer Darren Wilson … is facing criminal charges from 2011.

He’s not convicted, just charged … but still, does that damage his credibility as he claims that Officer Wilson shot and killed Brown while he was trying to surrender?

If you say … No, that has no bearing on this event — I have a question.

I want you to be honest.

If a report surfaces that Officer Wilson’s has a past that raises questions about his credibility … are you willing to have the same standard?   Or do you suddenly claim: That past proves that Wilson is lying?

I’m just asking … because I want to know regardless of where you stand on this issue — can you be fair and truly seek justice … not revenge.

That statement takes me back to what Attorney General Eric Holder said after visiting Ferguson this week.

The nation’s highest prosecutor said:  This office stands with the People of Ferguson.

Really?   The People of Ferguson?

Does that mean the “people” who are police officers … or does Attorney General Holder’s definition of the “people” refer to those demonstrating in the streets.   That group includes many who shout: No Justice – No Peace.

The Attorney General .. again, the highest lawman in the nation … should not be saying: I stand with the People.

He should be saying:  I stand with:  Justice.

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