Is President Obama safe?  Is the Secret Service failing to do its primary job?

New information is raising that question … and sending shock waves through the Secret Service.

First, we hear that the White House fence-jumper got deep inside the White House; he was carrying a knife, but what if he had been wired with explosives? What if several attackers jumped the fence at the same time from different locations?

Plus, we now hear that shots were fired into the White House in 2011 … but the Secret Service took days to realize it.

Tomorrow, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson is to testify before a Congressional Committee, and she will have to answer some tough questions.

This is one story on LARRY CONNERS USA starting at 9PM tonight.

Also, a report that ISIS is about to take over a Kurdish town in Northern Syria; there’s fear that there will be a mass slaughter, and at last report, our strategy to fight ISIS with air strikes … is not being used to stop this assault.

Does that say, we need troops on the ground?

Another report says that ISIS is less than 2 miles from Baghdad in Iraq.

Does that say we need troops on the ground?

We will have details of a new poll on what American’s think, and our phone lines will be open for your answer.

Plus, did you hear who President Obama “threw under the bus” … when answering why ISIS is so strong, controlling so much land?

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