We are putting more boots on the ground in Iraq.

This is our latest excursion into a land (like the rest of the Middle East)  which Westerners (U.S.) just don’t understand and yet we continue to be involved and in some cases trying to control.

Iraq itself is filled with hate going back to the year 632 … when Muslims disagreed over who should replaced the Prophet Muhammad.

When we invaded Iraq in 2003 (under President G.W. Bush), we tossed out Saddam Hussein and Shi’ites came to power, but Sunnis are not ones to forget and certainly not forgive.

We pulled our last troops out of Iraq in 2011, but now, we are headed back.  Correct that … we are already back.

The next question is: How deep?   And add to that question: How long? & At what cost this time?

This will be the hot topic in tonight’s first hour.

I have scheduled an expert from the Center for Security Policy, Fred Fleitz.

He will give his evaluation, and we will certainly take your calls so you can express your thoughts, concerns and fears.

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