In this hour guess who’s back ? Hillary Clinton returns today to the campaign trail to make up for lost time since her 9/11 memorial situation that brought her health situation public and all those who were called rumor starters realizing there was something wrong with her. Then Trump proposes a new economy plan that will bring more jobs to the united states. Proposing a 14 trillion tax cut as well for the country. The goal is to keep business here in which many have left and went over seas in recent years. Is what he’s aiming for realistic ? Plus Obama keeps on schedule of releasing more of the 9/11 prisoners. Then the department of homeland security wants to claim that 80% of those who try to sneak across the boarder are actually caught but that number is actually padded and they are refuse to release the actual numbers to the public . Bottom line you are not getting it. Then as we close out this hour we look at media bias taking place during this election season . How the media is painting Hillary as a savior and Trump as the evil one….talk about right down the middle.