The Donald Sterling story is shameful in so many ways, but what should be most upsetting is how cash buys tolerance instead of condemnation.

The owner of the LA Clippers has a long history of racist remarks and actions, but unless you were in LA, you didn’t hear much about it.

Even those in that area conveniently covered their ears and looked away from Sterling when it came to his attitude regarding blacks or anyone he deemed beneath him.


Count the dollars.

He “bought” his way into acceptance with the NAACP and such groups.

Now, that this racist idiot is no longer behind the curtain, the NAACP is withdrawing plans to give Sterling a reward for being such a fine leader who represents the standards of that group.

Just 5 years ago, the NAACP gave Sterling the same award; I am sure that organization and its leaders knew the truth about Sterling even in those days. At the time, former LA Clippers General Manager Elgin Baylor had filed a discrimination suit against Sterling accusing him of a “plantation owner” attitude.

Yeah, the NAACP knew what Sterling was in his heart of hearts … but chose to take the donations and honor him with an award.

Now, the hounds are loose.

Sterling is exposed; he might lose ownership of his team; he might have some financial loses … but I doubt he will suffer.
Those who took his money are now joining the attack. They should be shamed by what they did when the money was flowing, but money can cover a lot of sins.

In the end, Sterling will still be a racist, and those groups with their hands out for “donations” will cover their ears and eyes when they count the dollar as more valuable than honor, respect and human decency.

Each will continue playing the “cash card”.

So to that point … they deserve each other.