If you are a fan and big supporter of ObamaCare … you should be screaming in anger.

The centerpiece and apparent legacy of President Obama continues to start, stop, back-up, restart, jerk forward and …

You get the picture.

The latest plan to delay implementing The Law which President Obama and Democrats insisted was so needed, so crucial … is just another example of how poorly this bill was designed.

There was NO thought to how it would or wouldn’t work. The premise was: We are in control and can do whatever we like.

Still, it became law and affirmed by the Supreme Court (as a tax which in itself defies the Constitution stating the House would be responsible for creating revenue bills ), but where are we now?

President Obama keeps changing the laws, timetables, mandates … or ignoring them.

Okay, so you wanted ObamaCare.

You wanted your employer held to a new standard in providing your health care or be punished.

So, are you not angry?

Are you calling your Senators and Congressmen or the White House .. demanding that the law be enforced as originally written?

I don’t see Pelosi/Reid and Company making any noise.


Because at this point, the issue isn’t about providing Affordable Care … it’s about delaying the full pain and shock until after the 2016 elections.

I almost wish ObamaCare would start in full force tomorrow.

Then, the ugly truth would be exposed to full light … instead of living in the dark like a vampire … waiting to suck the life from hard working Americans.