Tomorrow night, President Obama will detail his plan to use Executive Action to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, but the White House sees this as just the beginning.

In fact, the “end game” is not being discussed.

It’s kind of like the Obamacare “secrets” that Johnathan Gruber has been exposing.

Advocates pushing President Obama to grant this blanket amnesty are already complaining: It’s not enough! a Latino advocacy group says: Rumors of presidential executive action helping only 5 million would not even deal with half the problems we currently face.

You see where is going?

See, despite what Gruber has said and what the White House thinks … you are not stupid.

The Executive Director of says: “We need a broad and inclusive executive order that begins to protect all 11 million undocumented immigrants.”

So, amnesty for 5 million illegals … not good enough?   Amnesty for 11 million?

That number won’t be enough and will increase … especially as more and more illegals race into our country to get a share of the amnesty blanket.

President Obama (who taught Constitutional law – see my previous post on LarryConnersUSA Facebook titled: I Am Not The Emperor) … is using his lame-duck, but still quacking Attorney General to find some unseen and obscene ways to grant him authority for this amnesty project.

Here’s another point that can not be forgotten.

This act destroys any and all semblance of border security.

Once again, we will see a Alien Tsunami swamp our over-worked, demoralized border patrol agents who in many cases are having to share .. to share .. weapons.

The cost to Americans will be greater, far greater than anyone is admitting … except maybe behind closed-doors as this Administration did with Obamacare.

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